10 Money-Making iPhone Apps

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Ever since I became a parent, work/life balance has been a top priority.  We need my income, but my kids also need my time.  Sound familiar to you?

If, like me, you’re looking to make extra money, consider these iPhone apps that cam make you money by taking surveys, getting rebates, or being a part-time mystery shopper.  It takes a bit of effort to learn these systems and you have to be tied to your phone a bit to check the apps often, but I’ve made a couple hundred dollars a month proactively working these apps and have seen stories from people who make a real part-time job of this and make $12,000+ a year.  Here are quick descriptions and reviews of some top money making Apps.

  1. app-iconGigwalk

    Find secret shopper gigs from your phone, apply, and complete the task within a specific time period.

    Blue-iPhone-Gigwalk-MockupI have used this personally and have made a few bucks here and there.  Gigwalk’s vendors submit “Gigs” and “Gigawalkers” apply for these gigs.  In Austin, it is clearly highly competitive to get your first gigs, but once you do the legwork to build your Gigwalk reputation, you can be offered additional gigs only available to established users.  Big markets like mine have more jobs, but also more users, so supply + demand means that you don’t get paid much per gig.  If you’re outside of a metro or willing to drive, gigs are often less in demand so easier to get and pay more.
    Learn more here or download here

  2. 1013845_725628064136943_1207898295_n-2EasyShift

    Mystery shopping & retail audit jobs.

    Very similar to Gigwalk, but more opportunities in my market.  I’ve completed 4-5 jobs in a day that were close to each other when I had some time before picking my kids up at school.  Jobs are often at places I can run other errands at, like Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens.  I have been able to combine trips to larger stores, like Walmart, so I did my shopping and completed both Gigwalk & EasySift work while I was there.  This app also has a forum if you want to see what other users are up to and you can build your reputation by completing surveys on your phone when other jobs are not available.  I have made more that twice the money with EasyShift as I have with Gigwalk as a newbie.
    Learn more here or download here

  3. Field-agent-iphone-appField Agent

    Mystery shopping, retail audits, scavenger hunts, & more.

    Field Agent’s user interface is nothing to write home about, but eventually I got the hang of it.  I have made okay money with this App as well and have even gotten some free products (paid for them first and was then reimbursed) in addition to getting paid to answer questions about some products.  I still feel like I haven’t made the most of this App since there can be a lot to weed through and although it does sent notifications occasionally, I have trouble finding the job once I open the App.  They have been making improvements and this seems to be a great one to try.
    Learn more here or download here

  4. logogapNsnap

    Snap photos to report out of stock items.

    A lot of people out there make a quick $40/week, mostly on Tuesday mornings when jobs are released.  This hasn’t fit into my routine yet, but a lot of users swear by it.  It’s a pretty simple concept, you visit a store and snap photos of shelves where a product is out of stock which then gets reported to the retailers.  It helps stores babysit their staff and you are compensated for it. It’s a great app to use along with the previous three.
    Learn more here or download here

  5. unnamedReceipt Hog

    Photograph your receipts for rewards.

    This one has not been as satisfying for me, but has great potential.  Photograph your receipts, especially those from the grocery store or pharmacy.  Receipt Hog’s clients want to see how far you will go to shop and for what items.  Since we mostly buy local, organic, clean foods, it has taken a ton of time to rack up points, but if you shop big brands, you should earn points much more quickly.  It’s a little hoaky with a slot machine wheel and a goofy pig, but it works.  Points can be redeemed for gift cards once you reach a certain level.

    Learn more here or Get Receipt Hog! here
  6. Shopmium5Shopmium

    Earn quick & easy rebates.

    Shopmium offers quick and easy rebates on specific products.  I have never gone out of my way to buy these products, but it’s also a way to advertise and encourage you to buy certain products.  After a grocery store trip, I check to see if we bought any of the products.  If so, it’s easy, just snap a photo of the receipt and the UPC, then money appears in your PayPal account.  If you want to get money faster, see if any of the brands offering rebates has something on your shopping list first.
    Learn more here or download here
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  7. unnamed-2Surveys

    Take quick surveys from your phone for cash.

    These surveys are quick and easy, although you do have to qualify for the higher paying ones.  It has taken some time for me to accumulate the minimum payout, but it’s so easy that I’ve kept the app around.  There may be more surveys for those of you in different demographics.
    Learn more here or download here

  8. logo-stockup1StockUp

    price-comparisonPrice Shop, contribute prices, earn rewards.

    I haven’t used this app much because I’m often so busy with the others (and as I mentioned, we don’t buy a ton of national brands), but I love this idea.  Price shop items on your list, contribute prices to share with other users, and earn rewards for your contributions.  Easy, peasy, right?
    Learn more here or download here

  9. unnamed-3iPoll

    Get paid to take surveys on your phone.

    Another Survey app, and one that many users say earns them a ton of cash.  I haven’t used this one for long and users complain about long turn-around times to get paid, but it looks like an easy way to earn some extra cash while sitting in a waiting room or when you get to pre-school early to pick up your kids (because seriously, who goes in even a minute early?).
    Learn more here or download here

  10. Mobee-LogoMobee

    Rebates & rewards for your shopping.

    This is another favorite money making app where you can earn instant rewards for your shopping.  I haven’t used this one much because many of the opportunities are not at stores I frequent, but if they are, you’ll love this app.  Of interest to me:  getting a couple bucks back for grabbing a Starbucks near the kids’ school.  I plan to rotate this app back into my main mix once school starts back up.
    Learn more here or download here

Do you have any other favorite money making apps?  I’d love to hear about them!

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