3 Quick DIY Valentine Ideas

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I wanted to share my favorite DIY Valentines this year.  Be sure to bookmark or pin this for next year!

1. “I Only Have Eyes For You” Sunglasses Valentine.

These were so quick and easy to make that I made them this morning!  I took photos from our Valentine’s Day photo shoot, zoomed & cropped them to fit 4 x 6 in Aperature (iPhoto can easily do this as well), added text in Photoshop (although any photo editor should work) using free Valentine’s Fonts and printed them with our photo printer (we have a Canon Selphy, love it!).  My girls love sunglasses and I picked these up at Nordstrom Rack (Dior for $15? YES) last month.  I secured them with a piece of scotch tape in the back.



2.  “From One ‘Crazy’ Kid To Another” Crazy Straw Valentine

This was my nephew’s pick for Valentines this year and it’s so cute (and simple).  His mother picked  up seasonal straws at the dollar store and attached free printable tags to them.  How cute did these turn out?!



3. “You Make My Heart Soar” Paper Airplane Valentines

This is what the girls picked for their classmates this year.  It’s a free printable from No Biggie that I pinned on Pinterest for the girls to pick from.  4 airplanes to one sheet of paper.  It’s a double-sided print so you’ll need to feed the paper through twice.  I especially liked this idea because the girls’ classes are huge since kids go on different days.  Let’s just say I spent hours making little paper airplanes.  They’ve been a huge hit so well worth it!  I added the names of the kiddos in Photoshop, but you can easily write them on yourself if that’s easier for you.


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