A Little Resourceful, Accidental Plumbing Update

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Ever since we moved in, we’ve had an issue with the faucet in the girls’ bathroom that has been slowly, surely getting worse. What started as a slow drip became a constant drip that needed to be dealt with. We couldn’t find any brand markers anywhere so finding a replacement part went out the window.

My mother’s search for a different faucet that apparently no longer exists led to finding some super high quality faucets that were pulled out of a high dollar remodel. Problem was, they are oil rubbed bronze (which we have been working hard to eradicate in our home). It would have looked great in their bathroom before we “princessed” it


…but the possibilities are still wide open in our hall bathroom that we’ve yet to touch (with the exception of the door knob).

So, we repaired the princess bathroom faucet with parts from the identical faucet in the hall bath which had the same faucet.


And put the super cool-but-“wrong”-finish faucet in the hall bath.


Maybe it will finally be the inspiration we needed for the hall bath. Or, maybe it will be our first plumbing hardware refinishing project. There are two of these faucets and we recon that we’ve only bought ourselves a bit of time in the princess bathroom — we bet that the faucet is bound to have more problems with heavy use in the future since it doesn’t seem to be well-made.  Maybe we’ll refinish just one of them.  Right now, the green cabinets and warm counters are looking great with the “new” faucet’s current finish.


We do know this:

  1. We plan to work with the green cabinetry & trim. It’s a nice touch.
  2. We’d like it to be a special bathroom since it serves as our powder bath.
  3. Although as wallpaper goes, it could be worse, we plan to paint the walls. Currently, we are toying with the new tecnique of mixing flat & glossy paints with a stencil.
  4. We are not married to the bath/shower fixtures, but don’t want to break the bank replacing them since they rarely get used.
  5. The light fixture is slated for replacement, a vintage fixture would add the charm we’re looking for.
  6. This accidental update has opened the door to using oil-rubbed bronze in just this room.

Right now, we’ve just thrown a few displaced accessories in there. Once a few other projects are conquered, all eyes will be on this powder/hall/pool bath!
And just for fun, here’s a wide look back at the snapshot from before we closed on the house:



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