Adorable Tween, Kids, & Nursery Curtain Find

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It’s hard to imagine running a home and a business without Amazon Prime.  The running around between appointments & kid taxi duties, settling for items that aren’t quite right, and –UGH– traffic.  It helps save my time AND sanity, plus I can shop in those awkward between times when I actually have a spare 10 minutes while a kid is in practice or waiting in the car line (but can’t get much else accomplished).  And I certainly do!

Window treatments have been me nemesis of late.  I’ve never really understood how to properly do them.  It’s taken quite a few long, evolving steps to finally be able to half-way pull them off.  My current home also has several challenging rooms where nothing “off-the-rack” so-to-speak will actually work.  I’m not yet talented with window treatments to creatively solve those issues… yet.

In my searches for a wide and long pink curtain that I could transform into a long shower curtain (I hang them high for a more elegant look), I stumbled upon something adorable that made me with my kids were still happy with anything pink and/or pretty that I could muster.  Now they have their own strong opinions to satisfy.  BUMMER.

I really wish I could use these adorable coordinating curtains.  It’s so rare to find curtains available in cute designs and long lengths.  This has been such a mystery to me.  Honestly, who uses 84″ curtains these days?  These are all available through Amazon marketplace through various sellers.  If you don’t immediately see your size, keep looking because another listing may have it.

Take a look at these adorable curtain panel & coordinating sheers!  So many styles & lengths, I’m just showing my favorites.  Plus, these are blackouts and under $35!

Pink Princesses & Castles!  Available in regular & sheer in 63, 84, & 96″ lengths.

Adorable woodland trees, perfect for a nursery.  Also available in 63, 84, & 96″.

Owls, y’all.  I love the little winging one & this design is great for a less-girly nursery.

The Owls are also available in blue… and 108″ length!

Happy little ponies.  These would look great with modern decor!

What little boy wouldn’t love a space room!?

Where were these pink foiled star drapes last time I did a girl’s room?!

Oh, AND they come in blue!

This is one of my favorites… pink clouds!  If only my littles were still tiny.

Also in blue, of course!

RAINBOWS.  ‘Nuff said.

Keep in mind that these are marketplace sellers so look listings over carefully.  Some are selling pairs while others are selling singles.  Look at the dimensions carefully and if you don’t see your size, do a quick search to see if there’s another listing that suits you better.

I recently used one of these for a project and really wish I’d see the pink foiled stars!  I’ll have to share that project soon.

I’m typically not a huge fan of sheers, but I love the light filtering and privacy for a child’s room and it’s so adorable how they coordinate.  These aren’t your granny’s sheers!

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  1. Kate Evans

    September 13, 2017 at 6:35 am

    Hello Aria, I love the themed decoration because it make me to explore the decoration that people can appreciate the beauty of the home. Really its a nice idea. Thanks!

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