Announcement Re: All Things Quiet!

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If you’ve been wondering why Remodelicious has been so quiet lately, I have some answers.  Really, it was a perfect storm of distractions from back-to-back kid events to a hectic work schedule.  I didn’t want to be away, but unfortunately I can only be so many places at the same time.

c8123bdd9a20f42557eb223ae85fd1adDon’t worry, I’m not giving up on Remodelicious.  However, you will see more contributing posts (if you’d like to be a contributor, get in touch with me and just be sure to not sound spammy) with me still popping in here and there. I can’t wait to collaborate with some other DIY enthusiasts, project collectors, and anyone who can share how they make their world more beautiful, really.

I haven’t been quiet for lack of projects, I can assure you.  I have not been great at documenting them, however, because I’ve had to make do with little bits of time I can grab here and there.  It’s definitely time for some serious before & afters and house porn.  It’s coming.

There are also several other projects in my life, have you noticed that I’m a bit of a project collector?  Whoops.  Honestly, they have been demanding my attention a bit more loudly than Remodelicious.

If you have any ideas, projects to share, brags, suggestions, giveaway offers, anything really… get in touch or comment so I know you’re out there!  I really do love to share readers projects & homes.  You can definitely be the star of a post!

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