Chloe’s Corner: Triple Threat Fashion Statement

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On the suggestion of a few pals, I’ve been encouraged to give my bubbly little Chloe some airtime at remodelicious for all things Chloe.

I’ve always thought that her impromptu photo shoots make for great fashion editorials.

Enough from me, introducing the new Remodelicious feature, “Chloe’s Corner”!

Upon walking out the door, I discovered that my bottom two skirts were all wrong to help Mama water thr plants and with her backyard leveling project. I ran back in and changed my fuchia & powder pink tutu for a hot pink & black one and my zebra print one for leopard print. I couldn’t have my rainbow heart bracelets in the way of my shoveling, so I made a quick switch to anklets and added some beads to balance them out. I went for a lightweight, beaded, rose detailed white bag & pink crocs to finish my look for the occassion.






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