Deal Alert: Groupon Coupons

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I may do a bit of online shopping.  Okay, honestly, I have no idea how parents survived without it.  Now that I think about it, it probably saved a ton of money.  Either way, ordering online soothes my inner introvert, saves precious time sitting in Austin’s notorious traffic, and keeps me from dragging kids with me every time we need (or “need) something.  Thankfully, there are still a ton of ways to save money shopping online.  Enter:  Groupon Coupons!

I can’t sign up for all of my favorite store’s email blasts.  I theory, it’s great to have coupon codes sent straight to my inbox, but really it just clutters my often neglected email, hiding the important stuff (oh, pre-school tuition is due?  whoops!).  I’m still often paralyzed after I start the check-out if I don’t have a coupon code.  Surely, there’s one out there if there’s a place to enter one, right?  Usually, there is.  If you need one, be sure to check Groupon Coupons.

Check out their coupon links to some of my favorite stores:

There are tons more, so check out Groupon Coupons next time you need a coupon or promo code~

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