DIY Bulletin Board Make-Over

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If you saw the sweet-glam make-over we did for Chloe’s school surplus desk on my study, you may remember the desk looking a little lonely over in that corner all by itself.  Both girls love using this d20140603-140136-50496392.jpgesk and I love actually getting some work done while they “work” alongside me.

I’d been on the lookout for something to add over the desk for a little interest, but also wanted something functional.  When Chloe was running around taping random “art” to my office walls and furniture for the 100th time, it finally hit me.  She needs a special place to display her creations.

I wasn’t sold on the typical bulletin board make-over because I don’t trust two pre-school sisters with sharp objects, like thumb-tacks, but I love the look.  When I found this burlap board at Home Goods, I saw the potential to get the look without the danger of pre-school sisters going at each other with thumbtacks.


It was very un-pretty, but nothing a little paint can’t fix.


I got out my trusty white chalk paint that was left over from painting our armoir-turned-coat-closet.  I used Maison Blanch brand as recommended by a friend.

Since I’m not that into “Shabby Chic”, I use chalk paint sparingly, but this project was perfect for chalk paint since I could paint in the kitchen while the kiddos were eating dinner with no fumes and easy clean-up. It took 4 coats which seems like a lot to me, but it still was an easy, quick process.

Normally, I would take the board out of the frame, but this was held in by a million little staples and a board that I didn’t think could be re-used.  In leu of removal, I used trusty painters tape.


White paint makes for a dramatic transformation, but this was only the first step in making this more kid-glam.


Next, I added some whimsical polka-dots in a pearlescent pink Martha Steward craft paint using a round sponge paint brush, inspired by this burlap fabric at Joann Fabric & Crafts that also comes in blue and pink.  The fabric comes with the dots in planned-out rows, but I chose to place the dots more randomly since it was easier to achieve the random loop and it didn’t interfere with the structured look of the burlap strips.


It’s an easy project done using (mostly) items I had on-hand, reasons it’s great to keep a shelf full of paint in the garage when you have plenty left over.


Hung over the little desk, it looks beautiful.  Youthful, chic, pretty, function, and glam all mixed together.


I love the contrast between the chalky white paint on a simple frame with the rustic look of the burlap, and pretty-glam pearlescent bubble-gum polka-dots.


I love how the gold brads also tie back into the gold legs on the desk.


Now for some cute accessories!  The girls’ corner of my study is looking more and more beautiful.



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  1. nicole dziedzic

    March 21, 2015 at 1:51 am

    This would be a perfect thing for me to do to mine, which is in the garage, I was thinking about making mine a jewelry holder somehow, but this is great idea.

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