Get Your Santa Sacks Now!

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A shop over on Etsy has the cutest Santa Sacks that I’ve been wanting ever since seeing them a year or so ago.  I’m not getting anything by telling you about them, but I did wait until I ordered ours ;-).  I’m sharing because she was expecting to sell out mid-November, but has let me know that she now expects to sell out any day.  We may be in the middle of Halloween, but if you want to snag one of these, now is the time!

I love this idea because I think it’s easier for the kids to get that these santa’s gifts and these are from others and really adds to the magic of the holiday.  We plan to have the girls pick some toys to fill the back back up and send back to Santa so he can fix them up to give to other kids next year – basically getting them involved in sending off toys they’ve outgrown in the spirit of Christmas.  Here’s her link:


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