How to Update Your Headshot Without a “Real” Photographer

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No More Excuses

Want a great photographer reference -shash- inspiration to do away with the excuses?

A couple of weeks ago, I quietly updated my header image, Facebook images, & Pinterest avatar.  Hope you noticed!

The blog is booming!  Posts are going viral, I’m making more money (less than you’d think, but I’m super proud anyway), I’m breaking traffic records regularly… maybe this blog is here to stay.  I thought I should spend a bit of time sprucing up what I’d thrown together before.

I’ve been meaning to get some cute photos done forever.  My hair was never done, I didn’t want to spend the money on a still growing blog, excuses, excuses, excuses.  We’ve all been there.  I’m a big believer in “just doing it” and ignoring all of the “why nots”.  Without that attitude, I wouldn’t have my own real estate Brokerage, I’d never have taken the chance at flipping a house, and life would be much too ordinary for my taste.

So one afternoon while at home with the girls, I announced, “How about you girls be my photographers and take my picture?!”.  Sounds insane, but I had a plan.  And I swear I took a photo of the set up, but it is nowhere to be found so you’ll have to bear with me here.


I grabbed a few cans of paint and some other items that ended up needing to be cropped out (this is where an actual adult would have come in handy, someone to say “hey, I can’t see that paint chart and the paint cans aren’t in focus”).  Anyway, I did a quicky hair & make-up job and threw on a dress, my most fabulous shoes, and a crown.  I set our DSLR camera up on the tripod and set it up the way I wanted with the manual settings and lens that were appropriate for the shot.  I poured myself a faux margarita, grabbed a hammer, and handed the camera remote (I use this one) to the nearest “photographer” who then stood in front of the camera (but out of sight) and snapped away.  I used manual focus so that the camera wouldn’t get distracted be any craziness.

The Pomeranian on the sofa?  That’s “Prince Benedict”, one half of our newest addition, “the royal puppies”.  His appearance was a happy accident and I love that he felt that his place was in the spotlight with me.  My inspiration was the objects from the former banner, but a Pom totally should have been in there anyway, we do have FOUR of them.

After a while, I checked the camera, switched photographers, and struck a different pose.

The winning shot that you see here was taken by a 2-1/2 year old.  No joke.  I knew basically how I wanted the shot to turn out and knew that it would be a long while before I had a chance to schedule with a real photographer.  Why should the blog suffer?

I still want to have a photographer re-take this shot at some point, but in the meantime I have a great promo photo that I got at the right price and has a great story.

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