I Want to Introduce You to Tapping & Brad Yates…

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A little over a year ago, I was introduced to “tapping” by a friend of mine as a way to calm my anxiety –– which with an often high-octane real estate career & 2 small children at home can spiral out of control quickly.

“Tapping” has been proven to calm anxiety as well as help you control your own thoughts and beliefs by actually, literally tapping on pressure points on your body that, along with some focused thoughts, can quiet even the loudest inner voices and anxiety.  My first thoughts were “yah, right”, but in the spirit of cooperation, I tried it.  And tried it some more, and eventually I found myself actually in much greater control over my thoughts and anxiety that I had been with any other method out there.

My favorite tapping expert is Brad Yates.  You can find an endless stream of his videos on YouTube.  He has helped thousands change their lives, helping people help themselves through any number of issues.

One of his most popular is Money Mindset training.  He’s joined the principles of tapping with the principles of metaphysics, made popular by “The Secret”.

Through Sunday, you can get the “Money Beyond Belief” program developed in partnership between Brad Yates & Joe Vitale for only $9, a huge discount from the regular price of $49.

Use this link for the “Pot of Gold” special through
Sunday 3/19 to see the magic for yourself!



If you miss the special, it’s still a great deal at $49, click through to see why.

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