Progress Update: Cora’s room gets a few details

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Cora’s room is a slow moving project, but we’ve made some progress.  First, we took down Chloe’s crib/toddler bed since she is fully adjusted to sleeping in her own room.  So is Cora, she is sleeping SO much better without her highly attentive sister “checking on” her constantly.20130727-201507.jpg

Then we unpacked the last two boxes of kid books and sorted them into both rooms.  I couldn’t blog about this without arranging at least one section by color:20130727-201514.jpg

The curtains were inherited from the previous owner.  Although we love the height & scale, they are definitely on the to-do list.  They are MASSIVE so I started with Chloe’s curtains which are a little smaller to get the hang of sewing curtains.


The swag chandelier and modified nameboard are now tying in beautifully.  I also found a cute purple canvas box to store toys and picked up a purple crib sheet from target.

Another big impact item was the bunting made by Cora’s aunt for her surprise baby shower (which Cora attended since she was born early).  It’s something special that we’re using as decor instead of leaving it sitting in a box in the closet, plus it was a gift so the price was right.  After considering different ways to do a monogram of other artwork over the bed, I couldn’t believe that it took me so long to just pull out this gorgeous hand-made bunting.


The blue acrylic night-light lamp was also a Home Goods find that we put an LED light bulb in so we can leave it on without it getting hot or using much electricity.  The cat art is something we had and forgot about, then found when moving.  Cora saw it and loved it, so I’m working on finding a great place to put it in her room.  The dresser is a mid-century modern craigslist find from the original nursery in our old house that I think works great with the lavender, aqua, and white.


This last view shows off the book shelf/toy storage/changing table (an IKEA piece) that holds a ton, even the bin of legos that the girls made off with just before I took this photo.  The curtains are still up because they are functional, darkening the room to help Cora sleep.  She has never slept as well as she has in this house having her own room that can actually be a dark, quiet space of her own.


Its still a work in progress, but has made it a long way from where we started!


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