Quicky DIY Fix for Slippery Wooden Hangers

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Project of the Week

Making Wooden Hangers Non-Slip

Who doesn’t love the nice & tidy look of a closet full of matching, wooden hangers?  I thought they were too expensive until I found the BUMERANG wooden hangers at Ikea in an 8-pack for $4.99.

So they look great in the closet, but there are many pretty things that weren’t practical to use them with.  I found myself resorting to a mix of hangers to hang a mix of garments.

Until… I discovered this trick.

Apply a zig-zag of hot glue to the tops of your wooden hangers and they become non-slip!



  • On my white hangers, it disappears unless you’re looking for it.  The glue may show on darker hangers.
  • The thicker your line, the better it will grab onto your slinky tops & dresses.
  • Don’t over-think it!

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