The cutest little toddler dresses from Charlotte’s Threads

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Charlotte's Threads 554Recently I told you about a new mom-based customized gift shop called Charlotte’s Threads.  I immediately fell in love with this Austin, Texas design.  She first released baby items like onesies and burp cloths, and bigger kid clothes are now available including T-shirts and these super-cute dresses.

Adding a name or other personalization is free.  While I was very tempted, these looked like dresses we would get a lot of milage out of and I wanted to be able to pass Chloe’s dress on to Cora as they get bigger.  Keep scrolling for more photos!

You can see more designs and order here

And be sure to keep up with updates on her facebook page.

Charlotte's Threads 551

I suppose this is leading up to a post about photographing babies and toddlers, but for now, look through these and see why you should go ahead and snap photos even if your subjects aren’t cooperating with the Hallmark pose you envisioned.  We accidentally got a total gem in this 5 min session.  I’m also glad that I took these in the morning instead of in the evening as planned since in the afternoon these precious little girls spontaneously turned into crash test dummies.

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