The Making of Chloe’s Minnie Mouse Party Ears

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Chloe just had her Minnie Mouse themed 3rd birthday party and I wanted to share how I made ears for the event.  What better party toy & favor than Mickey & Minnie Mouse ears at a Minnie Mouse birthday party?

I had set out to buy some.  I had snagged a pair long ago in the dollar bins at Target – long before Chloe announced that she wanted this theme for her birthday party (it was a toss up between Minnie & Cinderella for a long time).  They no longer had any which left me with the junky cardboard option for nearly $3/piece or decent ones for $8/piece. Love Chloe, love her friends, love throwing over-the-top parties, but I also love not being broke.  So… I set out to MAKE some.  Can’t be that hard, right?  Really it wasn’t.

The hardest part was actually finding inexpensive, plain, black kids headbands.  The cheapest ones I found were actually princess headbands for 3 for $2.  I may have pealed back one of them in the store to make sure that was black under there.  I also bought 3 sheets of stiff black felt and some polka-dot ribbon.  The only other thing you need is a pattern (link below), scissors, and a hot glue gun.


First, we unwound the princess ribbons from the headbands.  My husband was installing some software on his computer so I was able to get him to do this while he baby-sat the install & while I cut out ears.


I used this pattern for 4th of July Minnie Mouse headbands.  I actually only used the “front ears” since these were party favors.  If you use the back of ears, you will need more felt that I used.  Being careful with placement, I got 10 ears (enough for 5 headbands) out of each sheet of felt.


Next, lay a strip of hot glue on each of the 3 tabs on each ear and wrap it around the headband to the back of the ear.


Then, on about half, I hot glued red and white bows between the ears.  The bows are two pieces.  I secured the two loops first, then wrapped the center piece of the bow around both the loop part of the bow and the headband; then secured with hot glue.


I mixed and matched the ribbons for a but of extra fun.

20131216-042149.jpgIt took me roughly an hour to do 15 of these and they were a hit at the party!


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