Top 5 Books for Smart, Well-Rounded Girls

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I’m in neither the Pepto-pink princess camp nor the ignore vanity in lieu of brains camp.  I want my girls to be well rounded and well balanced.  I think it’s wrong to swash a girly girl’s desire to wear bows and a tiara to school but want her to also get in touch with her sciencey-side.  You never know, she may be a college beauty queen studying physics and astronomy like her mama.  Whatever she wants to do, I want to lay a solid, well-rounded foundation for her.

That means reading her favorite books like Rosie Ballerina & Tallula’s Tutu, but also offering her books like these that can ignite a spark in other parts of her brain.  My girls should know they are beautiful and can dive into their passions whatever they are.  They should find their confidence in more than one area of their lives.

Here are my picks for books for smart, well-rounded girls:

61qEmnn-MCLRosie Revere, Engineer

51hYpUu9B4LNot All Princesses Dress in Pink

51hQ0YT0XILViolet the Pilot

51rmQz1-m-LDo Princesses Scrape Their Knees?

61ha9OPCYDLThe Paper Bag Princess

Do you have any favorite books for your girls?

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