Totally Obsessed: Darius Rucker’s South Carolina Residence

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Weeks ago, I posted on the super-hot, up-and-coming brass trend.  My favorite photo was this one, which I shortly afterward found out was from Darius Rucker’s personal residence in South Carolina.


If you aren’t familiar with Darius Rucker, his first major claim to fame was as lead singer & rhythm guitarist for Hootie & The Blowfish.  I know those of you who came of age in the 90’s remember them.  Most recently, his hit “Wagon Wheel” has been a favorite around the country, winning him a Grammy and becoming my little Cora’s favorite song for a good while now.  Chances are, you’ll recognize it.

Now, it’s probably no surprise that it’s Rucker’s casual & airy home where this gorgeous master bedroom is a restful place for a great, creative mind.  Domaine Home featured the entire home where you can see how plenty of light reflecting off of bright surfaces is softly bounces off of warm accents like the brass and warmed-tone furnishings.


One of my favorite things about Rucker’s home is how the entire home feels like one.  The color pallet appears in every room in different ways.  This is especially difficult for those of us working one room at a time to achieve, but really makes a beautiful statement.


I love how casual and comfortable the home is while having plenty of interest and a great mix of styles.  For me, great design isn’t just copying a particular era, but rather mixing interesting, classic pieces in a way that reflects the home’s people.


A home can be beautiful and comfortable at the same time.


You can see more of this home at Domaine Home.  Take a look, the entire home is amazing!

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