20 DIY Art Ideas To Decorate Your Home

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We love DIY artwork to make our home our own!  Here are some ways we’ve used family photos and artwork to create interesting displays that will inspire you.

1.  DIY your own version of a big brand’s artwork for pennies on the dollar like this Pottery-Barn inspired split butterfly art.  See how it was done here.


2.  Dig out old, school art projects or re-create one like this using different background colors on mini canvases, using photos of your own pets as inspiration.  This piece was a high school art project found deep in the garage and is a great momento of a childhood pet.


3.  Print out some of your favorite images and frame them in budget frames to create a big impact for a tiny price.  See details on this quick & easy project here.


4.  Paint a thrifted mirror to coordinate with bargain frames (these were on sale at Hobby Lobby) and create a large-scale whole-wall collage with enlarged family photos.  Read more on this project here.


5.  Create monthly art with a DIY chalkboard in a budget or thrifted frame that you can change for every holiday.  We find our favorite designs online and copy and/or expand on them.  Hang it high if you have kiddos!  For more on this project including where to buy fine-tipped chalk, click here.


6. Print a similar photo of each child on canvas.  You can DIY transfer with an inject printer or have yours printed by a budget-friendly source like we did (we used Costco).  Both children are 3 months old here.  By printing both photos in black and white, they blend well together.


7.  Use interesting frames (like these from Poppy Tree, similar at Hobby Lobby & Michaels) to frame favorite family photos.  Keep something consistent like the color of the frames, to create the feel of a single collection.


8.  Create a family photo gallery wall with a grid of matching bargain frames (these are from Michaels) and your favorite family photos.  More on this project here.


9.  Take a “paint your pet” class to create your own masterpieces for your home of your loved ones.  We framed these with Hobby Lobby frames later.  Details here.


10.  Wrap hobby store paper machete letters in burlap to spell a message.  These were also used in our 2013 family photos, but now reside in the kids’ play kitchen.  See how we did it here.


11.  Print & frame a quirky image you like online.  This one of a Herman Miller rocking chair hangs next to an electric guitar and above a Herman Miller rocking chair.

Photo Credit: Chris Peres / Metropochris for Apartment Therapy
Photo Credit: Chris Peres / Metropochris for Apartment Therapy

12.  Create an instagram photo gallery using a grid of bargain frames and a photo printing app.  Here’s how we did ours.

Extra: that painting on the left was also a DIY from a BYOB painting class!


13.  A DIY burlap bunting for your child’s room.  This one was originally from her baby shower but makes great decor.  This was made by cutting burlap into triangles and using a stencil kit to paint the letters.


14.  Enlist your child’s watercolor skills to create a unique, modern art piece.  See how this one was done here.


15.  Create a DIY stepping stone with your child’s hand and/or footprints.  See more on how this one was made here and also our most recent heart version here.


16.  Download high-res historical images (often available for free from your city’s historical archive or library) and have them printed on canvas.  We had these framed by the printing company as well.  We chose a historical map of Austin alongside an even more historical map of Texas.  You could also use images from your hometowns, where you used to live, or where you were married.  More on these map canvases here.


17.  A framed name board with a textured background for your nursery or kid room.  This project uses thin plywood cut by Home Depot, textured (paintable) wallpaper, hobby store wooden letters, paint, scrapbook paper, and Mod-Podge.  See how we did it and redid it!


18.  Frame a special document like our birth congratulations card from the White House.  You could also use a wedding invitation, marriage license, or other document.  We used scrapbook paper for an interesting background and a bargain, hobby store frame.  More on this here.

Send a birth announcement to the white house

19.  Find some artwork you like online from a site like art.com and copy it yourself.  This painting was done in oil, but acrylic dries faster and can be easier for a beginner.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, the gist of the painting will do.  Choose something simple like this one for the best result.  See more of this room here.

Photo Credit: Chris Peres / Metropochris for Apartment Therapy
Photo Credit: Chris Peres / Metropochris for Apartment Therapy

20.  Pin your child’s baby clothes in a hobby store shadow box as laundry room art.  Here’s more on ours here.


There’s 20 quick DIY art & decor ideas for your home.  If you have any questions, brags, or kudos, let us know in the comments below!


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