A behavior chart that little kids can understand

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Sometimes you need a little motivation around the house, but my kids are a little young for a behavior chart at 1.5 & 2.5 years old.  Then I happened upon this simple chart that easily adapted to little kids by adding a few smiley face stickers and a visual reward (mine are super into “presents” right now).



Here’s how we use it:

Using the original principle, the clothes pins start off at “green” in the morning.  Do a good deed (like picking up toys when asked, helping upload the dishwasher, helping out your sister), and they get to move their pin up one color.  Made a poor choice (like hitting your sister, throwing something, general hoodlumry), they move their pin down a color.  It’s important for them to do it themselves.  Chloe can at 2.5, but either Chloe or I need to help Cora.  Punishments might be “no iPad for the rest of the day” or “no desert”… something in the immediate vicinity of time.  They are too young for the “no playground tomorrow” idea.

How I modified it:
We added some smiley face stickers to make it clear that UP=Happy & DOWN=Sad.  Jason thought the faces were appropriate.  The “Mom’s Choice” face was crying face and the “Dad’s Choice” was an angry face.  At the top, they get a reward.  Since they are into “presents” right now, we are using that as a reward.  There’s something about unwrapping a 50¢ party favor that makes it even more exciting.  Older kids might appreciate a “treasure chest” or TV privilege reward.  We keep the basket up high where the can see it and be reminded that the rewards are there, but well out of reach so that our into-everything toddlers can’t help themselves.

It’s a bit of work to get the system going, but can really help you out in those moments where you need something quick and simple.

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