A New Home For Our Austin, Texas Canvases

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20130627-120107.jpgWe are still in the midst of completely re-arranging all that was in our living room.  Since our ampersand sign was moved to the porch (with lights added), we no longer had any artwork over our bed and it was looking bare, bare, bare.  After moving the buffet to the family room (can you believe it used to be black?), the artwork that had been hanging above it suddenly looked awfully awkward.  It once fit in so well above the buffet, and our king-sized Brasilia headboard is about the same size.

I love these maps.  I’ve always had a bit of a thing for maps.  These were downloaded from the City of Austin’s historic photos library and the University of Texas historic map archive.


One is an artistic map of Austin way back when.


The other is of Texas even way-er back when, before Texas fully took shape into what we know and love today.  It has a bit of color where the counties were outlined – county lines that are now only in the history books.

I had them printed onto canvases and hung in frames offered by the canvas printer.  These are “floating” frames which I love.


They are always a conversation piece, although probably not as often now that they are in the bedroom.



I’m glad that I was finally able to put a little attention into our bedroom as well.  Our mid-century modern Broyhill Brasilia set (pieced together one piece at a time) works great in it’s new home.  It was made when master bedrooms were smaller so I worried about how it would look in our 1990’s master, but it fits in nicely.  The maps are a great touch and I’m loving how they fit in so nicely.


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