A Throwback B&W Bathroom for #TBT

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Maybe I’m a little nostalgic for some nostalgia today.  This home goes way back to 2006, but it’s inspiration was the 1930s.  There’s a hip neighborhood in Austin filled with craftsman bungalows from the 1920s, ’30s, & 40s that we used to call home.  I bought my first home “in the Avenues” of Hyde Park.  It was a 1939 Sears Kit House and I loved it.  The trouble was, it was very small.  When it’s value soared in 2006, I cashed in and build a brand new “vintage” craftsman a block down the street.  The best compliment I received (and it came often) was “when did you remodel it?”.  It was touches like these retro bathrooms that earned me that compliment.

The best part about a vintage-style bathroom is that they tend to be less expensive than their modern counter-parts.  Bathrooms can be expensive business, but using classic tiles, paint grade cabinets, and classic hardware makes them much more affordable than you’d think.  The glass knobs were much more reasonable than you’d think as well.  They are from D. Lawless Hardware (use coupon code “REMODELICIOUS” for 10% off) who supplied glass hardware for the entire house (in different shades).  Details like this made room for a splurge or two, like the glass tiles in the master bathroom and the incredible chandelier in the dining room – now I’m going to have to post photos of the entire house soon, right?

Anyway, I thought you would enjoy this eye-candy from a new-construction home modeled after a classic four-square.  I miss the house even through we are happy to have moved on to a new neighborhood and different style of home.  Enjoy photos from a Jack & Jill bathroom in my second home, the first that I designed & built myself from scratch.

AveGBath 566

AveGBath 565

AveGBath 564

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