Affordable custom baby name rings

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UPDATE: Click here to win these! Drawing Friday Nov 22nd!

I’m a sucker for shiny. Also, anything personalized. And, of course, my kiddos. I loved some personalized name rings I saw a while back, but they were pretty spendy and never made the crossover from the “want” to “have” list. Then I found this similar style on Etsy. You pick the name, the font, and the color. Love them!

Here’s a link to the shop’s storefront

Clearly, I have no shame in buying myself a gift, especially when it’s related to my “littles”.  I love mom/kid jewelry because I look forward to passing these down to them one day.  Jewelry is something that, to me anyway, has more value when it is passed down and has a story.


At Yvonne Boutique, she also makes custom pieces using a signature.  There are great opportunities for honoring a loved one or using your child’s scribbled name as jewelry.  Some pieces she makes have room for stones and you can get creative.


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  1. H Jordan High (@JustTheLetterH)

    August 26, 2013 at 11:24 am

    Definitely holding onto this link for a future Sarah gift…

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