Can You Machine Embroider a Hat?

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It’s been tough to remember what the sun looks like here in Texas lately.  It’s rained at least 6 days a week for weeks now.  We needed it, so I’m not complaining at all.  Usually, the constant, rainy weather can really get to me.  It must have been something about the combination with the beautiful spring temperatures because I think I actually enjoyed the recent rains.  Bring ’em on!

However, the sun did just peek its way back out and we’ve actually made it in the pool the past few days.  Well, technically, the kids were in the pool while I dipped my feet in and had to keep scolding them for splashing me because the pool is still COLD.  The perfect accessory for dipping your feet and watching kids swim is a big floppy hat.

I’ve seen the cute, trending monogramed hat, but the prices all seemed stiff for a DIYer.  Since I have a home embroidery machine, I thought I’d give it a go myself on an inexpensive Target hat.  I’ve now made 2 of them and have pretty well figured this project out.

DIY Monogram a Straw Hat for Summer - A DIY at-home machine embroidery monogram! | Remodelicious

I use software to digitize monograms, but there are plenty of monogram fonts out there for under $10 (often even under $5) if you have yet to dive into software.

How-To Embroider a Monogram on Straw Hat:

  • Use under-stitching if at all possible.  Many professional fonts will have this, it’s like primer for your embroidery.  It gives the design some stability on tough materials.  Increase the density if you are digitizing your monogram, most software’s defaults are a bit wimpy for this project.  If you can’t use a design with under stitching, you may want to run the design twice.
  • When setting up your monogram, adjust the density.  You’ll want this design to be more dense than usual so the stitching doesn’t fall into the cracks of the material.
  • If you have a fancy hoop, more power to you.  If you’re with the rest of us using old-fashioned hoops, use self-adhesive-type stabilizer.  Put the hoop on the machine before adding the hat.
  • DIY Monogram a Straw Hat for Summer - A DIY at-home machine embroidery monogram! | RemodeliciousMark where you want the monogram on the hat with air/water erasing pen, and center on the hoop.
  • Add water-soluble stabilizer on top.  I used the heavy duty because that’s what I had on hand, but the regular should be fine.
  • And… Go!  You will likely need to babysit this job as the hat will probably hit the machine.
  • Wash the marker & stabilizer off and wear!

When I get back to the craft store, I’m going to look for some nice trim to add to the hat as well.  Wouldn’t something bright go beautifully on this hat?

DIY Monogram a Straw Hat for Summer - A DIY at-home machine embroidery monogram! | Remodelicious

Don’t be afraid to play with your craft toys.  Experiments often bring the most spectacular results!

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