DIY Queen Anne Chair Make-Over

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This isn’t one of those amazing makeovers, but I wanted to share another step in the “furnish the living room without breaking the bank” project.  My goal is to make a beautiful, functional space using things we have on hand, displaced furniture, things family no longer needs/wants, and a little DIY.

These are some chairs that my mother bought back when big, floral upholstery was cool.  Or so I hear.

The photos don’t show the wear, but they are showing wear on top of the dated fabrics.




She didn’t want me to paint the chairs since my parents love natural wood, but she was open to partnering with me for a chair make-over that would compliment my home as well as hers down the road should they return to her home in the future.  Her thought is to bring them back to her home next time she moves.

In the meantime, they are getting some love at our house where we needed some chairs with some personality.

I would have painted the frames, but I do also like the natural wood.

My mother spotted a little canvas bag while at my house and said that’s the fabric she wanted.  I actually found the exact fabric at  She also wanted leather… something interesting, durable, and nice.  We found a great hide on ebay from discounthides.  We used canvas in the vertical surfaces for some interest and personality and leather on the horizontal surfaces for durability.  The armrests were upgraded with tacks.



What do you think of the make-over?

I’ll share details on how we did it soon.  Truth is, there are 2 of these chairs and it took so long that we’ve only finished 1 of them!  We were rushing to get it put back together before Cora’s birthday party and I didn’t get many photos.


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