Fun Find: Chevron Wire Baskets

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I had a cute question on Facebook a few weeks ago when I posted her DIY crown canopy… “What happened to Chloe’s stuffed animal hoard?”

Don’t worry, no plush animals were harmed in the update of Chloe’s room!

Actually, I’m quite proud of her.  She’s 3-1/2 and has taken it upon herself to start making her bed.  She even does a decent job.  This is a enormous improvement.  Initially, she insisted on sleeping with all of her “babies” in bed with her.  She’s very type-A and they all had to be lined up in a certain way.  That changed often.  Certain animals were demoted to the foot of the bed while new favorites were promoted to next-to-her-pillow.  Eventually, she lost control of this system and started pulling out her trundle to sleep on so she wouldn’t have to sleep in her “messy bed”.  That kid.

Fed up, I decided to take her out for a special shopping trip to Home Goods in search of a large basket or two for her extensive plush collection.  After talking it over, I helped her come to the conclusion that they would be much happier in their own space which would also solve the “messy bed” problem.

We found the most amazing baskets.  I bought one, then later returned to buy the other two.

Chloe’s room now has two large baskets on each side of her bed.  Toys come out to play and return later when it’s time to clean up.  Anything that inspires my children to keep their rooms clean and tidy is a win in my book.


Metal wire chevron colorful baskets make great toy bins. | Remodelicious Find

A smaller purple version was what we needed for stray toys in Cora’s room as well.

Metal wire chevron colorful modern basket style bins. Amazing! | Remodelicious

I’ve been searching for them online ever since and finally found them!  They are usually sold as a set of four.  I found them on as well as DotandBo thanks to a random Facebook ad!  They are pricey as a set, but they are well made and so perfect.  I expect that they will last much longer than our regular baskets and canvas bins since many are already falling apart under the abuse of children.

Metal wire chevron colorful modern basket style bins. Amazing! | Remodelicious



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  1. Catherine

    October 9, 2014 at 11:49 am

    Love these! I have been searching for the perfect thing for Ava’s massive stuffed animal collection as well.

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