House Moving: for real, it’s a thing

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I was organizing old photos and came across these gems.  Last week, I showed you the first home I designed from scratch and mentioned that a home had to be moved off of the lot to make this happen.  This is that house!

House moving is some serious business.  There are only a few folks who do it, they tend to be pretty hardcore, and there are plenty of regulations that have to be followed for the City to allow it.  That’s a fun stew when it’s all mixed together over the heat of a new homeowner wanting their home moved yesterday and a new lot owner wanting to start their new home yesterday.

The basic idea is to lift the house up and build a trailer beneath it using some serious beams. They weld these things on-site.  Of course, any utilities need to be disconnected and later reconnected at the other side.  There can be issues, especially in old neighborhoods where homes are moved from, with low utility lines and tree branches.  Sometimes, the top of roofs has to be removed.  Often, there is some damage to be repaired.  This was the second home that we sold/bartered off one of our properties and it was not a smooth move.  In the end, everything worked out, but it was hairy!

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