How to get labels off of Rice Select & other plastic containers

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Ever look at these cute little containers and think they were perfect for storing else?  Maybe some other food items, craft items, toys, accessories…  It’s the ultimate recycling when you spend $0 on something already on hand to solve a storage problem.  No itchy chemical-intensive recycling here.

The problem is, with these particular containers anyway, is I never get the labels off cleanly without destroying the container.  I tried soap & water, sponges, goof off, and other chemicals.  I always destroyed the container or scratched it badly.

Then I was sitting in front of the space heater and had an idea…



I held the container in front of the space heater for about 30 seconds and the label peeled right off.  I’m sure a hair dryer would have a similar effect.  The heat melts the adhesive.   No crazy chemicals or elbow grease needed.

It did leave behind a bit of residue…



…which came RIGHT OFF when I used the old label to lift it off.



See?  No more residue.



The top was a little more stubborn and I did use soap and water to get the last little bit off.  Maybe my adhesive was a bit worn out at that point as well.



BAM.  Perfect FREE storage for the girls magnetic letters.


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