It’s the Bow Necessities!

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I really never expected to have girly-girls.  I really wasn’t one.  When we found out we were having a girl, I even resisted everything pink and the had a brown & green nursery.  Of course, as soon as she developed her own {very strong} opinions, everything had to be pink, pink, pink!  Pink is still going strong in our household.  Since I’m always looking to get my girls more involved in creating things, I love that they are now old enough to have their own opinions and ideas.


Lately, they’ve been putting my crafting skills to use, asking for a bow for just about everything.  Mardi Gras party?  Yep, they have personalized gold, green, and purple bows.  In a pageant?  We’ve gotta have custom bows to wear for the opening number and give to our friends.  1st day of the soccer season?  Definitely need a big, sparkly soccer bow with their name on it.

Easter is officially my girls’ “2nd favorite holiday” so they already have plans underway.  Naturally, it included monogrammed Easter Bunny bows for themselves and their dollies.

I’ve had so many folks ask if I would just make them these sorts of things rather than refer them to a tutorial.  Let’s face it, the internet is saturated with bow tutorials, so perhaps they are right.  I’m giving it a go, if you’d like your own custom bow, head on over to the new Bow Necessities shop (& Facebook page) where I’ll be sharing one of my crafts in a new way.  There are just a few offerings at the moment, but naturally I’ll be adding more as the inspiration strikes.

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