Laundry Room Happiness

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I’m on quite the organizing kick these days and one room that can easily get neglected is the laundry room.  We’ve  been busy making a lot of changes to the laundry room.  Last you saw it, we had modified the upper cabinet to allow for stacking the washer & dryer and the addition of the super cool wall-mount farmhouse sink.  I also showed you when we created laundry room “artwork” from the girls’ baby clothes.  We painted the cabinets white, the walls a warm, light grey, and switched out the hardware for some blue glass knobs.  After those changes, it has been sitting waiting for some more attention.

It has desperately been needing some final touches and organization.  I did a few things pretty quickly so it’s time to catch up before I put the finishing touches and have a “finished” space.  Since you last saw it, we added an Ikea LACK shelf over the counter and sink which I LOVE.  It’s great to keep frequently used items handy and out of the way at the same time.  The shelf was just barely too long, so we cut it down.  If you’d like to see how that went, check out my post on cutting an Ikea LACK shelf.


I also added more artwork!  I recently found the kitty paintings in the garage.  I painted them long ago around 8th or 9th grade and had completely forgotten about them.  The have found a home above one of the doors in the laundry room.  I also added the quirky World Market dust pan as art.  I’m not crazy about the color and am seriously considering painting it.  It now also comes in white which I’d definitely prefer.





I found a fun, displaced doggie frame/photo album in one of our “random junk” moving boxes and found a home for it on the floating shelf.  The dogs and cat eat in the laundry room so it’s a space for them as well.  The cat eats on the counter (away from the dogs) but isa young 18 years old so she has a cute piano bench to help her up and down.  This was perviously my vanity stool, but our new bathroom doesn’t have a vanity space.  And who doesn’t have a wine fridge in the laundry room?  I can’t take credit for this, we inherited it from the pervious owner (and think it was a great call!).


I also recently added a curtain under the wall-mount sink to hide the Cat Genie.  It’s our litter box, and an awesome one if you’re in the market for a hands-free kitty litter solution.  It’s self-cleaning and flushes everything away so you literally never have to touch a thing.  I highly recommend them if you install them in the laundry room into the washer drain.  Not a fan of the bathroom toilet install.


One item on the to-do list is to find a way to hide the washer lines to the right of the sink.  It wasn’t practical to have them moved since it would have been a MAJOR to-do.


There is also a closet opposite the sink that needs to be organized, but all-in-all, it’s come a LONG way, no?


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