Making DIY boot stays on the cheap

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This is so simple that it’s almost irritating. I needed a solution to storing my boots properly that wasn’t leaning them up against the wall – because that doesn’t really work. I’ve seen solutions where you hang them up on skirt hangers, but I don’t like that option because it takes up precious hanging space in the closet (can you ever have enough?) and will dent the leather. Boots are investment pieces for me, I’ll pick a great pair and keep them for years and years. Hanger marks? No thank you. You can buy boot stays for around $20 a piece. 5 pairs of boots, that’s $100 just for a storage solution. Then I happened upon this genius idea: pool noodles!


It’s pretty simple, just buy a few pool noodles in your favorite color for $1-5 each (depending on where you shop), stick them in a pair of boots, mark the desired height, and cut x2. You should be able to do 2-3 pairs with one noodle. I used the thicker ones for loose-fitting boots and later found some thin ones for more slim fitting boots. Works like a charm!



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