Mobiles are for babies, chandeliers are for princesses

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We went with a simple way to add some seriously girly drama to Cora’s room with a purple chandelier! Our little big(ger) girl has declared herself a princess and is no longer interested in mobiles. It was the perfect way to glam up her room with one update.

Here’s a link to the chandelier we used.

It’s also available in black, clear, blue, green, and red!


Project notes:

  • We purchased a hook to hang the light seperately. The included one was flimsy plastic so not good enough to hang over our little one’s bed.
  • We made are that the hook hanging the light was secured into a stud. No drywall anchors here, even though it meant moving the bed over a bit to center it.
  • The plastic “chrome effect” hook did get some use. It’s routing the extra chain & cord away from the bed.
  • We hung this as a swag lamp instead of replacing the ceiling fan because this is Texas and we use the heck out of our ceiling fans.
  • We made sure there was plenty of clearance between the fan & chandelier.
  • There was a switch on the cord already, otherwise we would have added one.
  • For baby proofing, we covered the lower part of the cord with plastic cord wrap.

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