Most Hilarious “Sexy” Halloween Costumes

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This post contains affiliate links and I may make a very small commission if you complete a purchase.  This does not effect the price and makes Remodelicious possible.


Best & Most Hilarious Sexy Halloween Costume Round-Up

Halloween is that exciting, sugar-filled time of the year when you can grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte and dress up as a “sexy” version of – well, anything in public.  It’s one thing to dress up as Pamela Anderson or a French Maid, but naturally there are plenty of folks out there who have found interesting ways of taking these costumes to a whole new, sexy level.

Sexy Watermelon Costume
Sexy Watermelon Costume

Sexy Skeleton Halloween CostumeSexy Skeleton Costume

Inflatable Sex Doll Costume

Inflatable Sex Doll Costume

Yep, you can make that a couples costume!
61PaMrvYesL._UY679_Men’s Inflatable Doll Costume

Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle CostumesSexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costumes… Nothin Sexier!

Sexy Shark CostumeSexy SHARK Costume

61ojXBSNPwL._UY679_Nothing Sexier Than a Banana!

81uMIHjC6LL._UY679_Sexy Panda Costume – Grrr

Sexy Princess Belle CostumeDisney Princess Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”… Gone Sexy!

Sexy Cinderella Halloween CostumeNot your daughter’s Cinderella Costume 

Sexy Mickey Mouse CostumeSexy Mickey Mouse Costume

Sexy Robin CostumeSexy Robin Costume

Sexy Cupcake CostumeSexy Cupcake Costume

Sexy Monster's Inc CostumeThis Women’s Monster’s Inc. Costume is sure to frighten children!

Sexy Ursula the sea witch costumeAs if Ursula the Sea Witch wasn’t frightening enough!

Sexy Oscar the grouch women's costumeWomen’s Oscar the Grouch Costume

Big Bird the Flapper Sexy Womens Halloween CostumeEvery man’s childhood dream… a hot Big Bird!

Even Star Wars Goes Sexy For Halloween…

Sexy Darth VaderDarth Vader

Darth VaderStorm Trooper

X-Wing Rebel FighterX-Wing Rebel Fighter


Proof that NO character is safe from American Halloween Sexification:

Sexy PeekachewSexy Pikachu

Super mario brothers sexy costumeSuper Mario Costume, Exactly as we remember…her

super mario coastumesLuigi, every younger sibling’s childhood friend

Yep… they get even sexier!



Sexy Spider womanSexy Spider…WOMAN Costume

Sexy prisoner orange is the new blackSexy Orange is the New Black

Sexy Hole in One Halloween CostumeHole in One

Sexy Ghost Busters CostumeAnd last, but certainly not least… SEXY GHOST BUSTERS!

And now that my childhood memories are officially tarnished, what are your plans for Halloween!?

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