Our New Statement Dining Chairs: Vintage Brass Chiavari

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Duh-na nu-na, nu-na nu-na BAT-CHAIR!


I’m not completely sure how I came across these chairs, but I was looking for something petite and different for the heads of our dining room table.  We have the simple Herman Miller shell chairs with walnut bases which we love, but I wanted a real statement piece for the ends – something that could hold its own next to the drama of the table.  These vintage brass chairs by Italian designer Chiavari (the same company famous for those bamboo-inspired wedding chairs) fit the bill perfectly.  They are petite and fit right in with the other furniture.



I had to stalk them for a while before I found a pair.  They sell on 1st Dibs for $$$$$, not within my budget.  I found a pair on Craigslist 3-4 hours away and actually considered driving to get them, but ultimately decided that I would hold out for some in better condition.  Eventually, I mustered up the cojones to make an offer of 1/2 off on a pair on ebay with free shipping.  They accepted!  The crazy chairs were delivered by our mailman (who surely knows I’m a crazy person by now) just in time for their debut at Chloe’s birthday bash.



Seriously, I bought vintage real brass bat-inspired for our dining room and LOVE them.



Here’s a wide ankle where you can see everything we’ve done from the curtains to the table and from the rug to the artwork.  The painting on the right is a print I snagged on Gilt for the bathroom at our old house and it finally has a home now that it fits in perfectly in our new dining room.



If something looks out-of-place here, it’s the last major item on our to-do list for the dining room:  the chandelier.  I have something in mind and will make it happen soon, although with the super-high ceilings, we’ll be calling in some help with that operation.



The seats would have originally been velvet and probably red, but are now a canvas-y red.  I plan to re-cover them soon with something fun, a little glam, and befitting of the “bat chairs”, also know as the “princess chairs” by the girls.



Bold & beautiful.  What do you think of the new wild additions to our dining room?


Mid-century modern meets mid-century glam.  Just my style!

Far from where we started:



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