Paint it Silver

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Last week I was on a mission to get our new family photos up on the walls.  One wall is in our dining room with an oversized mirror in a black frame.


With so much “lightness” going on in the white/grey/silver around it, the heavy black mirror just felt a little clunky.  I’m really enjoying creating a clean, bright background to showcase my furniture and treasures.  This was distracting a bit from it.

So, I set about brightening it up with some silver paint.



I originally thought that I would do silver leaf, but it turns out that silver leaf is pretty expensive to do on such a large space.  The “imitation” silver leaf really looked imitation to me, so I decided to paint it instead for a similar effect.



I lightly brushed on a coat and stepped back.  I decided that too much black was showing through and did a second coat.  At that point, Jason walked by, and in a rare moment of taking in only of my projects said “that looks nice; are you going to leave it like that?”.  So I did.  I was careful to follow the mitered corners and let a little black show through for the look that I wanted.

Note, I don’t worry about taping when I paint mirrors.  I find it easier to clean off when the paint dries with a razor blade.

20131028-151543.jpgThe light over the dining table will eventually find itself a new home, so that heavy, dark look will soon be gone.  What do you think of the silver… better or worse?


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