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We had a fun date night that I wanted to share because it’s well worth the time to try out and it helps decorate your home with paintings you’ve done yourself… the perfect DIY.

I’d been to GeeBerry Art Studio before for a girl’s afternoon with some fellow Realtors and painted this red Poppy.  The colors happened to go beautifully with our new decor and I love it!


The BYOB paint places have been popping up everywhere, but I love that GeeBerry is local, in my stomping grounds, and is run by the cutest young artist.  There’s serious girl power there which is probably why this is usually a girls night out spot, but I thought it was fun to bring Jason along for a chance to paint his dog, Waylon, who he has now had for over a decade.

There is absolutely no art skills required.  She steps you through every step!  The Poppies are considered one of the easier paintings.  More difficult paintings can be done in longer classes.  The most difficult is “Paint Your Pet”.  It’s still fairly easy since everything is broken down step-by-step.  It’s really fun get up for a moment to see everyone else’s take on the project.

When we arrived at Paint Your Pet, our dogs were already sketched with a picture printed and ready for reference.  Jason was painting Waylon and I painted my dog, Ursula, who is about to celebrate her 15th birthday.



Even though everyone was painting a different picture, the steps were all pretty much the same.  When they weren’t, Jenny took the time to explain different steps to us.  Since I had a fluffy dog, I had some different tips from the short-haired group.



Bring a snack and a bottle of wine.  Art, wine, and a wine companion with friends makes for a great time!



Here’s my painting when I was nearly finished, although I decided at the end that I really wanted a different background color.  The beauty of paint… I just painted right over it.



This painting was so much fun.  The dog’s name was “Picasso” so Jenny helped her create a Picasso-style painting.



Here are our finished works side-by-side!  It’ll take a few trips to get the whole gang immortalized in paint.



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