Pottery Barn Kids Has Seriously Upped Their Game

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I usually get a Pottery Barn catalogue and quickly fan through it as I’m lowering it into the recycling bin.  We get so. many. catalogues.  And Pottern Barn has always been a love/hate for me.  They usually have a few items that I love but would never pay that much for, but mostly I see them as “safe”, generic furniture at a premium.  Maybe it was the awful rug I had a while back or the destroyed furniture I’ve seen at the outlet (if it breaks at the store, it’ll break at home, right?).

Anyway, this time was different.  I had to stop and sit down the the PB Kids catalogue.  I love vintage & bargain furnishings, but they really got me this time.  Check these things out:

The Isla Cabinet

Clearly, this is standard-issue new-furniture construction which usually turns me off, but I’m loving the motif on this cabinet.  Spruce it up with some beautiful knobs and this is the kind of piece I want in my home.  This doesn’t have to be in a kids room, any room will do.

The ABC Dresser

Okay so this is absolutely amazing for a nursery and pre-schooler’s room.  Natural wood in a fun motif.  My kids LOVE showing off their knowledge of letters and would love to have this dresser.  Please don’t tell them about it because they already have dressers, but I want to see this in a real-life kids room BAD.

Doll House Bookcase

Stop.  Just stop.  They even decorated it in the colors for Cora’s room.  Again, change out the knobs, but what little girl wouldn’t love this?  It could also make a great hutch.

Linen Butterfly Anywhere Chair

Where was this a year ago when I made our anywhere chairs because I would have sprung for these new ones in a heartbeat.  My little purple & butterfly-obscessed Cora would adore this chair and my elephant-loving Chloe who’s favorite colors are pink and orange would never get over this version:

Linen Coral Elephant Anywhere Chair

Seriously, you can send these to me now.  I can’t get over them.

Harper Crib

A clean-lined mid-century modern inspired crib that comes in 9 colors?  Yes, please.  Seriously, where were these things 4 years ago?

Embroidered Linen Art

That’s right.  The butterfly & elephant come in art as well.  Damn. it.

Lacquer Turquoise Jewelry Box

Chloe got the pink version last Christmas and you betcha this is on Cora’s Christmas list this year!

Linen Tassel Decorative Shams

How am I not sick of these guts yet?  Because they need to be in our home!

One of two things has just happened:

  1. Pottery Barn has gotten with the program.
  2. I’m getting old & boring.

Either way, I thought these were worth sharing!

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