Ready for the new iPhone 6? Lock in a sales price for your old iPhone now!

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Earlier this week, Apple unveiled 2 brand new iPhones to be released on September 19th! Both the iPhone 6 and 6 plus boast larger displays, longer lasting batteries and a brand new processor which enables the phone to work 25% faster than it’s predecessor the 5s. As the launch date for new iPhones gets closer, the values of previous iPhone models continues to depreciate. To ensure that consumers who are planning to upgrade to a new iPhone get the most value out of their old device, those who lock in their price today with Gazelle will have until October 10th to send it in. Current pricing for the iPhone 5s ranges between $100 for a broken phone and $335 for a phone in flawless condition. With the sale price of the new iPhone 6 set at $199 with a 2 year contract, you can trade in your broken iPhone, get the new release, and still have some money left over for groceries or whatever your heart desires! 

Go to Gazelle today, see what your iPhone or other device is worth! 

unnamedWe’re a technology-loving family and stay mostly up-to-date with new iPhone releases because, among other things, there is always an amazing camera upgrade.  Since we take a majority of our family’s photos with the iPhone these days, we love knowing that we are taking the best quality photos possible.

We never both upgrade at the same time…  usually Jason goes for the tick while I go for the tock.  Basically he usually ends up with each big release and I go for the updated release (usually ending in S).  It’s just worked out that way.

As a frugal family, we’ve almost always sold our old phones, which usually mostly paid for the new phone with added contract.

You don’t have to wait until the iPhone 6 is out, you can lock-in your buy-back quote now.

Let us know with a comment below on how well you did with your trade-up!  What are you most looking forward to with the new iPhone release?


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