Silhouette Project: Kid’s Watercolor Birthday & Greeting Cards

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Here’s a quicky craft that turned out beautifully using my Silhouette Cameo.

I’ve had a huge stack of watercolors done by my girls that I indented to print greeting card messages on, then cut out and past onto blank cards.  Now that I have my Cameo, I can do much better than that!  I used the watercolors as my cutting medium in the cutting mat to create these cards.  I measured the cards (these were left-over Thank You notes from Cora’s birthday) and created boxes in the Silhouette software a half-inch smaller in both directions to leave a quarter-inch border all the way around.  Then I typed out text, centered it, and sent the design to the Silhouette.  I got 5 cards to one painting with 3 stacked horizontally on the left side and two turned 90-degrees on the right side.


I played around with leaving the centers of the “A”s, “O”s, “B”s, etc and depending on the font, it can look nice either way.  I found it easier to leave the letter pieces on the cutting mat and pasting them on by hand.  I attempted to use a vinyl transfer sheet, but with the thick watercolor paper, it didn’t work well.  On the thick paper, my blade needed to be at “5” and with a thinner sheet, “4” worked.  I recommend doing a test cut.


Love these!  I just keep finding more and more uses for this thing.  I can’t believe I waited so long to finally bite the bullet and buy myself one!


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