The girls’ bathroom make-over: Asian warmth to fairy tail charm

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We actually have a “finished” room! I have to use quotations, because I believe that a room in a lived-in home should always evolve to best suit it’s inhabitants. In this case, the dark, warm, Asian-inspired burgundy & gold tones weren’t suiting the room’s new baby girl inhabitants, so it had to go.

Here’s where we began:


Here’s a close-up of the textured wallpaper (yes, those are real leaves!):


So we did a few things to bring the room up to speed:

  • Raise the shower curtain to ceiling height. This was already done! Highly recommended.
  • Replace shower curtain with something “lighter”. We ordered this 96′ long-length shower curtain by InterDesign from Fortunately, we wanted white because there isn’t a great selection of long-length shower curtains and they are wider that most by-the-yard fabrics can be purchased.
  • Painted the yellow cabinets, doors, & trim white. We had the painters do this when they painted the entire house. It would take us forever to do it ourselves so we opted to hire it out and it only took 4-ish days.
  • Painted the textured wallpaper using Martha Stewart’s specialty finish “Silver”. We used every drop of 3 10oz tubs, it also comes in a Gallon.
  • Replace Hardware. We used the same as in the kitchen from D.Lawless hardware but in a fun, girly pink. This is easy to change back later when we sell, but we plan on staying a while.
  • Painted the mirror frame white.
  • Hung bath-themed photos of our princesses
  • Hung artwork made with Chloe’s help based on this project.
  • Replaced the towels with purple-but-not-too-baby towels. All but one was reused from our previous hall bathroom.  The dark purple towels were a sale find at Kohls years ago by Vera Wang and the decorative towel was a clearance find at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.
  • Added two Boon Pod bath toy organizers, available on Amazon. We previously had this one by Brica in our old house — which worked great. On the natural stone, the suction cups wouldn’t hold and the Boon bath toy scoops can be mounted with suction cups, adhesive or screws.
  • Bought this stool for sink access for the inhabitants that can’t reach.
  • Replaced the white outlet & switches with grey ones to blend in with the wallpaper. Yes, I’m that picky.
  • Chloe selected an adorable owl bath mat from Home Goods.
  • The hooded towels on the back of the door were Christmas gifts purchased at Pottery Barn.

And here it is!


We left the expensive parts, like the floors and the counters alone.  The flooring is the same as in most of the house.  The shower has natural stone tiles.  We love how the walls turned out and how towels from our previous hall bath and accessories from the girl’s previous bath work perfectly and saved us money.



The artwork above the towels was an art project by Chloe & me in a Michael’s frame, purchased at 40% off plus an additional 20% off with coupon.


The shimmery silver metallic walls really give the leaves a fairy tail feel rather than the Asian feel that they had with the matte red background.


Above the toilet, we hung snapshots of the girls playing in a bubble bath.  These can be easily changed out when we happen upon another sweet moment down the road.  It’s also in a discounted Michael’s frame (40% off + 20% additional off coupon).  We also switched out the white plug & outlets for grey ones so they don’t stick out like a sore thumb.



Here’s a close-up of our new lever door knobs.  The lever gives the girls easy access to the room since it is easier to operate than a knob and the chrome finish brings the bright, modern feel we are looking to bring in throughout the house.


Pink and purple accents make this a girl’s dream bathroom, but the main surfaces are neutral colors so it’s not overwhelming.  I seriously love our Home Goods find bathmat & the adorable stool that opens for storage.


2 Boon Pod bath toy storage scoops solved the problem of bath toy mess everywhere.

How did we do?


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