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I just can’t understand why our culture these days is always about picking sides when we should be uniting. The best times in our history, we have been united. Social media, current politicians, everyone on a platform seems to be focused on placing blame rather than finding a way to come together. I feel it at every level, even mothers are competitive against each other these days instead of coming together and helping each other out. Please stop picking a side, we are all on the same team if you really think about it. Everyone wants to be accepted for who they are without judgement or hate. Even those who “hate” our culture have been taught this hate based on how we do not accept their culture. Don’t pretend that we do, people naturally fear what they don’t know, and fear is the seed that grows and blossoms into hate. It’s time to unite and accept others, even if we don’t understand or relate. We can all be on the same team for love & acceptance, live and let live. 

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