Wrapping Paper Drawer Liners

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This is another oldie but goodie.  I love vintage furniture, especially when I’ve made it mine.  I’m not one to immediately paint a piece.  I will only paint a lower quality piece (no 100-year-old quarter-sawn dressers, you know who you are) or one that was previously painted.

A set up from drawer liners is Mod-Podged wrapping paper drawer liners.  You can use a fun design that you don’t usually find in a drawer and using Mod-Podge really makes it stick down great.

In addition to a fabulous piece of furniture, you’ll need:

  • Mod-Podge (I prefer matte-finish, see name board project)
  • Enough wrapping paper to fill the bottom (and sides if you’re feeling extra crafty), preferably in a dimension that will fill the entire space.
  • Scissors
  • About 30 minutes





20130611-152110.jpgFirst, place the wrapping paper in the drawer and fold it where it will need to be cut to fit.

20130611-152123.jpgGive it a firm fold to make a clear line.

20130611-152132.jpgCut along the fold.

20130611-152145.jpgMy wrapping paper was slightly to narrow for the drawer, so to fill the space I repeated that step with the first piece of paper sitting in the drawer.  I was careful to line up the design so the seam wouldn’t be noticeable.


20130611-152235.jpgCover the bottom of the drawer with Mod-Podge.  Not too thick, mine above is as thick as you should go.

20130611-152156.jpgThen smooth the paper onto the Mod-Podge.  Watch for bubbles and smooth them out if you can.  If you can’t you can poke them with a thumb tack or needle to give the air a way out and then smooth.  Repeat for any additional pieces needed to fill the bottom (and/or sides) of the drawer.

20130611-152244.jpgCoat with more Mod-Podge & let dry!

We get compliments whenever someone sees the drawers to this dresser open.  It was initially the dresser in the nursery where it doubled as a changing table and is now in Cora’s room.

A few extra ideas:

  • You don’t have to use the same print for each drawer.  Feel free to switch it up.  I couldn’t find 4 designs that I loved so I stuck with the one I did love.
  • You can do this with the same or different paper on the sides of the drawer.  I’d wait for the bottom to dry before doing the sides.
  • You could paint the sides of the inside of the drawer before this project.  I love that surprise pop of color.

Here’s the dresser I used for this project:


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