You’ve Got To See This Beautiful Shading With Stain Technique

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The word “up-cycling” makes me cringe.  It makes me think of so many projects I’ve seen where some well-meaning would-be-crafter takes some sort of perfectly good (but potentially dated) something and re-works it into something completely impractical destined for the scrap heap after the novelty has worn off.

Don’t get me wrong.  The idea has great roots in DIY make-overs.  It’s just that so many have taken it much to far and attempt to re-invent the wheel.  An old suitcase turned into table by slapping some basic pre-made legs onto it is a design element that very few homes can pull off and really isn’t the least bit practical.  My personal preference is classic styles.  They aren’t novel, hip, or trendy.  But they are long-lasting, practical, functional, and elegant without being fussy.

Every once in a while, someone gets an up-cycling project right.  Bethany at Reality Daydream is one of those people.  She takes solid, pre-loved, thrifted tables and creates gorgeous works of art.  She’s using basic skills and materials, but combining them in a beautiful way that creates classic, lasting artistry while resurrecting tables that are sure to live a long 2nd life.

You have to see her work!

I originally found this succulent design but was quickly distracted by this gorgeous rose table.  I could see something similar in so many family homes, and I love a solid, classic, functional, and practical way to bring unique beauty into your home.

This is my kind of girl!  I love that she lets the kids help her as well.  Don’t be surprised if you see something inspired by Bethany in my home soon…

Visit & meet my new craft crush…


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