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The Mud Room

The Mud Room

Not so much a mud room as a hall, yet one of the most used “rooms” in the house!

The mudroom has some very important features:

  • Built-in lockers with hooks and cubbies for lunch boxes, school bags, dance bags, & shoes.  There is even a built-in bench to give our little kids a leg-up and also a place to sit to put on shoes.  We were able to build this into a hallway by using some space under our staircase.
  • Our Instagram photo gallery where we rotate photos from time to time (more on that here).  It adds a personal, fun, family touch to the space that is fun for our kids and visitors to admire.
  • The famous chalk-wall that we added by adding a chair rail and flattening the texture before adding magnetic primer and chalkboard paint.  It’s hours of fun where we can easily watch them while getting things done in the main rooms of the house.
  • A family message board where we can keep a look at our schedule as well as fun messages about upcoming holidays, birthdays, seasons, etc.
  • The girls’ growth chart where we can keep track of how much they’ve grown in a fun way (and bring it with us to the next house).


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