DIY Pottery Barn Artwork for Cora’s Room

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Months ago, I fell in love with this split butterfly artwork from Pottery Barn Teen.  I did not, however, love the $149 plus shipping price tag.  No thank you!


I loved the colors for Cora’s room since (not that you can currently tell), the colors for her room are lavender and aqua.  I love that color combo and since she’s a “sensitive” child, the soothing colors should do her some good.  She currently loves the colors, so hopefully that sticks.

She also loves butterflies.  And ballerinas.  And dinosaurs.  But, definitely butterflies.

I haven’t attempted watercolor painting since probably high school, but I joined the girls when they were painting and gave it a go with their paints, brushes, and paper.


It’s no Picasso, but Cora loves it and makes sure that anyone who comes near the house comes to see it.  I framed it in inexpensive, sale frames from Michaels.  They are the same style used in our family photo gallery hall only in a different size.  I love how these inexpensive frames create a gallery look for a serious budget.


I reserved this spot for some special art for her room and am relieved to finally have this done!  Cora’s room has been semi-neglected since she is in that transition from needing a baby room to needing a big girl room.  We don’t have her “big girl” furniture yet, so we’ve mostly been focusing on the accessories like this art, the night-light lamp, the purple tray for odds & ends from the Home Goods kitchen department, and a couple cherished photos of Cora and her sister like the one in the rose frame on her dresser.


Along with her purple chandelier & name board, her room is slowly but surely coming together!  I can’t wait to make it a true big girl room in the coming months.


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  1. C is for Cora

    March 24, 2014 at 9:52 am

    […] far, I’ve done her butterfly artwork, butterfly ceiling treatment, and picked up a few blue & purple accessories here and there. […]

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