Operation Dining Room, Stage 3: Overdye Rug

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I had been studying up on DIY rug over dying and shopping for the perfect candidate for literally years when I lucked into this already-overdyed rug on eBay for under $100 shipped. I love it for the dining room which I’m keeping pretty simple as to make it the perfect backdrop for our increasingly live edge table (also a DIY, see more here & here).  Oh, and there will be more on DIY rug over-dying soon, promise!


I’ve always loved a good rusty red with navy blue, and it’s adjacent to the living room where our antique Heriz with rusty reds & blues resides.  I wanted to keep the dining room clean & simple so that the table (and eventually lighting) could take center stage.


Keep ignoring the light and artwork for now, but the random dresser has now found another home and I’m loving where this room is headed.


The table and chairs came with us when we moved so updating everything for our new home has now cost us just under $200 for the rug and curtains (I already had the rods).





We’re chugging right away at this  room, although I’ve now decided that I need to add chairs ad the heads of the table.  I have a few things in mind, but haven’t decided for sure just yet.  It won’t be more shell chairs, I’d like to mix it up just a bit.  They will need to be something special to join this beautiful room.

  • Done:
    • Curtains
    • Re-finish dining room table
    • Add a simple rug
  • To-do:
    • Add 2 chairs
    • Change-out art
    • Replace rustic, iron chandelier with two smaller ones centered over the table (eventually)

Don’t forget where we started:


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