Sometimes it’s just not right

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Something is missing from the living room…

Months after spending 3 days re-uplolstering and restoring an antique settee, it just wasn’t love.  It made for a difficult decision, but sometimes, it’s just best to move on.  It was beautiful, but we didn’t love it.  We have something else in mind, but haven’t finalized the decision yet.  The room just wasn’t functioning as planned, and with the holidays (and birthdays) coming up, it was time to do something about it so we can really enjoy the space.

The living room is back to being a mix of misplaced furniture that doesn’t really have a home in the new house – yet.


The same thing has happened every time I moved.  I set everything up how I thought it would work, but after living in the space for a while, it just wasn’t right.  We’re taking stock and re-arranging a few things in the house now that we really know how we are using the spaces.

The girls love having their racetrack back, as you can see!

Here’s a good-bye to the blue settee…  We hope that the new owners love it the way we thought we would!

In case you’re wondering, we sold it for just a bit over what we had into it (for my time), but the new owner still got a great deal.  Win-win!




We’ll be spending more time on this room in the days and weeks ahead to really turn it into the glamorous space that everyone can enjoy.


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