Our Elf on the Shelf 2013 Update

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We started with our Elf a little early this year when the opportunity presented itself.  This is our first year with an Elf and our girls (almost 3 & almost 2) are having a blast with it.  We caught “An Elf’s Story” on TV the other day and they were so excited.  I was glad we started early when they saw the Elf balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  So far, our Elf has been pretty tame.  We’re still getting to know “Merry Jo” after all – that and I haven’t yet modded her to give us more options.  We are also keeping her out of reach – or at least easy reach – to set the kiddos up for success on the “no touch” rule.

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Here’s what our elf, Merry Jo, has been up to lately.

20131117-195718.jpgThe first morning, we found her with a snack in the play kitchen.

20131119-171443.jpgMorning 2, she was in the breakfast table light.

20131128-124728.jpgRiding the ceramic fish on the fireplace mantle.

20131128-124738.jpgLooking down from the stair rail.

20131128-124750.jpgClimbing the kitchen clock.

20131128-124803.jpgOn the dining room chandelier… watching us prepare for Thanksgiving by putting the room together.

20131128-124829.jpgIn the Christmas tree the morning after we set it up.

20131128-124839.jpgWatching the time.  On the fireplace mantle again, but this time by our “new” mantle clock.

20131129-190907.jpgThe morning after Thanksgiving, Merry Jo couldn’t resist joining in on the table setting.

20131129-190915.jpgTrying out our Christmas stockings (a post on how I made these is on the way!).

20131201-200133.jpgHanging on for a great view from the TV.

We don’t typically love to buy into the commercial holidays, but this is so fun I wish I had been able to squeeze it in last year.  I highly recommend this for little kids!  These are some pretty simple Elf on the Shelf ideas.  We’ll have some more coming soon.  If you want to get a bit fancier, there are plenty of ideas on Pinterest and other sites online.  We’ll be trying our hand at some more advanced elf-ing bit later so check back!

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